Hollis Prism 2 
Rebreather course


A rebreather recycles rather than vents the exhaled breath. The exhaled breath passes into a closed loop, where it is pushed through a chemical absorbent (scrubber) to remove the carbon dioxide, and returns through the other side of the loop for the diver to re-breathe, hence the name "closed circuit rebreather" or CCR.

Consists of:

  • (8) hours classroom
  • (1) pool practice session
  • at least seven (7) open water dives with at least 7 hours bottom time


  • boat passes if needed
  • dilluent fills

not included:

  • o2 fills
  • Co2 absorbant
  • cert proccessing fee

Required Equipment:

  • Prism 2
  • bailout bottle and reg
  • personal dive equipment
  • finger spool and sausage


  • Advanced Nitrox
  • proof of 20 or more dives


  • course:$ call for current price
  • expendables & cert: <$150